My Data Recovery Lab

My Data Recovery Lab specializes in data recovery from Hard Disk Drives, RAIDs and all types of flash media (SSD, pendrives, memory cards, smartphones, tablets).

Data Solutions

Professional Data Recovery service from HDD, SSD, RAID, USB Flash, memory cards, mobile phones, tablet, regardless of damage or OS.

Spasavanje Podataka - Data Solutions

Hall Of Fame – Backers

  1. Baris K.
  2. Christopher S.
  3. Bruno R.
  4. Evyatar N.
  5. Scott S.
  6. Martin S.
  7. Alex F.
  8. Aroara S.
  9. Paul B.
  10. Nikola R.
  11. Darran H.
  12. Azmi Z.
  13. Chronodisk
  14. John V.
  15. Eder L.
  16. Marcos R.
  17. Petr H.
  18. Veronica C.
  19. Steve L.
  20. Yongki A.
  21. Pierre H.
  22. Nandkishore K.