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It takes two to make a team!Mr. Dejan Jankovic

This is how we started Advanced Data Recovery Analytics (ADRECA) in 2012 just two of us. Today, HDDSC has been used by thousands while the community of contributors and partners is steadily growing. In the past year we have been working on possible applications of Machine Learning in Data Recovery. Read the paper. (Updated 08/06/2019)

HDD Serial Commander (2.2.5) is two and we are going strong! We have well over 50 contributors from all over the world. Thank you so much for your support. It has been a privilege! Updated (8/11/2018)

Last year we had few hundred active users while our latest update has been downloaded over 500 times. As we continue to translate mostly Seagate F3 serial commands we are getting ready for a big update. – Updated (8/1/2017)

Our software development career had began 10 years ago. Often various software we made required specialized electronics so our work inluded: AS3, JAVA, C#, PHP, MySQL, Arduino, Adobe AIR, Proteus and other tools. One can think of Advanced Data Recovery Analytics as another project in continuous cooperation between these two guys while in fact it is an ongoing discovery. Therefore HDD Serial Commander is NOT a commercial project and contributions will be used to maintain our research plan.

HDD Serial Commander will continue to use ADRECA’s resources as well as resources provided by our partners and contributors.

Dejan Jankovic

Principal developer | Senior Software Developer

Application Developer, CTO and Movie Editor. Particularly interested in making apps that are solving complicated problems, both back-end and front-end.

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Igor Sestanj

Project manager | IT Specialist

Data recovery engineer who’d like to sail the World while dreaming how to build a space craft.

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