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hdd serial commander 2.2.5 screen

New Update is Out

We are happy to announce new update of HDD Serial Commander (ver 2.2.5). This major update has two new levels and much much more. What is new in 2.2.5: Added two levels Level N and Level O Level N – Command set to work with Non-Volatile Cache found at Solid-State hard drives. (Kahuna series) Level O – Command set to deal with …

HDD Serial Commander Turned One Years Old

The HDD Serial Commander Turned One Years Old

Congrats everyone here! HDD Serial Commander (2.2.4) turned one years old and we are happy to share some information with you. What started as a small project between a data recovery technician and a program writer became a great research tool. Many of you contributed to HDD Serial Commander project by sharing information, donating via PayPal and using Bitcoin and …

HDD Serial Commander 2.2.4

Hello friends, New release of HDD Serial Commander 2.2.4 is out for contributors to download. This major update include following upgrades:

SignUp Issues

Few weeks ago we noticed a continuous spam attack to HDD Serial Commander. We are forced to block some IP addresses and implement re-CAPTCHA to our registration form. You may experience some delays during next several weeks. We will perform cleanup of database records for those users we believe are bots or have not verified their accounts. Sorry for inconvenience …


While waiting for a major update

Thanks to our engineers and their hard work we were recently able to discover more attributes and add them to already listed commands. We are getting closer to our next milestone. Version 2.3.0 will have all Seagate F3 commands decoded while we hope component to work with WD drives will be also completed by then.