SignUp Issues

Few weeks ago we noticed a continuous spam attack to HDD Serial Commander. We are forced to block some IP addresses and implement re-CAPTCHA to our registration form. You may experience some delays during next several weeks. We will perform cleanup of database records for those users we believe are bots or have not verified their accounts. Sorry for inconvenience …


While waiting for a major update

Thanks to our engineers and their hard work we were recently able to discover more attributes and add them to already listed commands. We are getting closer to our next milestone. Version 2.3.0 will have all Seagate F3 commands decoded while we hope component to work with WD drives will be also completed by then.

HDD Serial Commander 2.2.2

HDD Serial Commander is upgraded again. In the latest, 2.2.2 update we have added many new properties which will help you when dealing with Seagate F3 hard drives. New properties describe in great detail each of the following commands all at Level T: Level T – V command – Display Defect Lists Level T – i command – Initialize Defect …

Version 2.2.1 Released

HDD Serial Commander 2.21 Public Beta is now available to download here on our website. What is new? Most updates are related to your suggestions. We added new Help, several Seagate series have upgraded command lists and some new command properties have been added. Thank you for asking questions, making suggestions, testing and contribute to this project. Happy New Year!

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Important Notice

First things first! HDD Serial Commander is an universal utility to control and edit firmware on Seagate, Samsung and Toshiba hard disk drives via a serial terminal (diagnostic) port. We require users to open an account at this site to download HDD Serial Commander free of charge. To open an account your valid email address is required. Not just any …

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Seagate – Serial Port Diagnostic Modes and Commands

The Serial Port interface for Seagate drives operates in the following three modes: 1. ESLIP Mode Power-on default, This mode is enabled by Control-T. 2. ASCII Online Mode This mode is enabled by Control-R. 3. ASCII Diagnostic Mode This mode is enabled by Control-Z. All Level Commands Carriage Return Command: Abort ‘/’ – Command: Change Diagnostic Command Level This command selects …