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Choosing the right data recovery service provider has never been easy. This is why Ada Chatbot is professional’s choice advisory online service that support file repair, hard drive data recovery, RAID recovery, variety of handheld mobile devices and any data loss solution. We employ experienced engineers, ensuring exceptional success rates for all types of media. If you own a data recovery company and are looking to improve your business model, you’ve come to the right place.


We’ve produced tools and methods that are unique to the industry and these tools provide quick and reliable results at an affordable cost. Choose from the devices listed above to learn more about the data recovery process for your specific needs and get a free quote.

Our support chatbot is standing by to help

Need advice? Ada (Public Beta) is a Data Recovery Conversational Agent, a chatbot powered by AI is available to help. Chatbot is designed to estimate recoverability of your data using statistical information from previous cases. Chatbot Ada is an agent based on Google’s DialogFlow platform and FDRQ 2.0 published by Advanced Data Recovery Analytics.