Hello world!

Hello world! This is the very first post! HDD Serial Commander 2.0 Public Beta is available to download.

HDD Serial Commander is a universal utility to control, edit firmware data or to have access to user data on Seagate, Samsung and Toshiba hard disk drives via serial terminal (diagnostic) port.

HDD Serial Commander 2.0 PB started as a project in which we wanted to upgrade MDRLˈs In-Lab utility which had a list of Seagate diagnostic commands and have them issued with point and click method rather than typing the full command. HDD Serial Commander attaches to an existing serial COM port which corresponds to an existing USB-Serial (TTL) or a simple RS-232. For the most part of our development we used Arduino UNO or Arduino MEGA. Beta testing verified it also works well with industry standard USB-Serial hardware from Ace Lab PC3K, Dolphin, MRT, etc.).

Half way into the development one of our associates suggested similar protocol applies to some Samsung and Toshiba drives which was correct. Although diagnostic commands are available on other brands, too only Seagate F3 series are fully researched for the purpose of this project. We invite you to contribute in any way you can? Development? New ideas and tweaks? ROM patches? Palypal? Bitcoins?

HDD Serial Commander has been under an umbrella of the Advanced Data Recovery Analytics and future versions will have all ADRECA services integrated together. However, ADRECA is fully funded by contributions of its members and associates. We invite you to contribute, too!