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How To: HDD Serial Commander

Welcome to help and support for HDD Serial Commander. Advanced Data Recovery Analytics published public beta version of HDD Serial Commander 2.0, an utility to control a hard disk drive, edit firmware or in some cases gives you access to various data areas on Seagate, Samsung and Toshiba hard disk drives via a serial terminal port. HDD Serial Commander translates serial port commands to English. OS supported and tested: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. HDD Serial Commander uses Adobe Air so you may receive an update from Adobe!
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HDD Serial Commander (dot) com requires registration before you download Demo Version of HDD Serial Commander 2.0 Public Beta.
Hdd serial commander home screen

HDD Serial Commander is a free utility and available to download after you have registered with hddserialcommander(dot)com
Registration (Sign-Up) is done in minutes.

hdd serial commander registration page

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hdd serial commander registration page

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generate password - hdd serial commander

Lost Password

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HDD Serial Commander Demo

hdd serial commander demo screen

Home screen

HDD Serial Commander Demo have features such as: Terminal Commander, Commands Queue, Regular Database with all available commands sorted by level.
clear terminal window


Menu is divided to manufacturers, resources, managers and help.


HDD Serial Commander uses databases to store each available command for various drives. Database may also be subject to update. We will notify you when we publish new version.
Separate command database for each manufacturer - hdd serial commander


Example of Samsung Command Tree when selected by database.
samsung commands


This option will be of great use when we implement new feature to unlock/patch Seagate encrypted drive. Currently is in testing phase. It can automatically select available commands according to model of hard disk drive.
various command set - hdd serial commander

Serpoxy manager

HDD Serial Commander uses SerProxy to connect via serial port (and adapter) to your hard disk drive. Use Serproxy manager to set your configuration file. Run SerProxy will initiate SerProxy service.
serproxy manager-hdd serial commander


Instructions on how to connect HDD Serial Commander and your hard disk drive are implemented in the utility. You can initiate each one from Menu>Resources.
HDD Serial Commander Build-in Resources


The general idea of HDD Serial Commander is to run command in queue. Very much like actions in Photoshop. You record or in this case prepare your queue and run it. Therefore all manipulation with commands is done from Command QUEUE (right side of the screen).

Drag and drop the command from the command directory tree to either command queue or to command form on the left-terminal side. You can also run individual command by double-clicking on the command and hit GO!

Command Builder

To run command builder double click on the command from Command QUEUE only.
command builder - hdd serial commander

HDD Serial Commander Full Version

HDD Serial Commander has following features available: Terminal Commander,Commands Queue, Full Database, Commands Queue Manager and File Read&Write.
hdd serial commander full version
Thank you for your donation. We really appreciate it and we will make sure your donation goes to further development of HDD Serial Commander. Further options are available to users with full version.

QUEUE Manager

The crucial difference is that full version gives you an option to save and export you queue set of commands.
queue manager - hdd serial commander full version


Save new command sequence to database and have it available at any time.
save hdd serial commander demo


Delete each command from Queue by pressing X to the left.


Export your queue to file.
command queue export

Send/Receive Files

Another great feature is Send/Receive option currently tested on Seagate F3 (works great on newer models).
send/receive file - hdd serial commander full
Please note that this is draft version and open to suggestions and comments. Want to help? Detailed guide to Seagate diagnostic port is available here.