How to read WD Model Numbers

Model Number Format (MNF) for WD Products is designed to simplify inventory management for distributors and system manufacturers. However for us dealing with drives on a different level u understanding MNF is helpful.

Base Model Number

The base model number is composed of six codes:

  1. Company initials (WD)
  2. Capacity (GB/TB)
  3. Capacity unit/form factor
  4. Business unit/brand
  5. RPM/buffer size or attribute
  6. Interface/connector
Internal Drives
Non-portable External Drives
Portable External Drives

1 Company Initials

WD – Western Digital

2 Capacity

Two, three, or four digits, supports up to 999.9. In the new format designation beginning September 2007 for 1 TB and larger drives (see model number code 3), the decimal follows the first digit (e.g., WD1000 is a 1 TB capacity drive). Enterprise uses the last digit of the capacity number as a product code (e.g., WD5001). This digit does not translate to additional capacity/LBAs.

3 Capacity Unit/Form Factor

A GB/3.5-inch
B GB/2.5-inch
C GB/1.0-inch
E TB/3.5-inch
F TB/3.5-inch (new format)
G GB/2.5- to 3.5-inch adapter
H GB/2.5- to 3.5-inch backplane adapter
J TB/2.5-inch

4 Business Unit/Brand

A Desktop/WD Caviar®
B Enterprise/WD RE3; WD RE2 (3-platter)
C Desktop/WD Protege®
D Enterprise/WD Raptor®
E Mobile/WD Scorpio®
H Enthusiast/WD Raptor X
J Mobile/WD Scorpio Free Fall Sensor (FFS)
K Enterprise/WD S25
L Enterprise/WD VelociRaptor™
M Branded/WD Branded
V Audio/Video – WD AV
Y Enterprise/WD RE4; WD RE3; WD RE2 (4-platter)

5 RPM/Buffer Size or Attribute

A 5400 RPM with 2 MB cache
B 7200 RPM with 2 MB cache
C IntelliPower™ with 16 MB cache
D 5400 RPM with 32 MB cache
F 10,000 RPM with 16 MB cache
G 10,000 RPM with 8 MB cache
H 10,000 RPM with 32 MB cache
J 7200 RPM with 8 MB cache
K 7200 RPM with 16 MB cache
L 7200 RPM with 32 MB cache
P IntelliPower/EM (maximum buffer size offered by product)
V 5400 RPM with 8 MB cache (Mobile)
Y 7200 RPM/EM (maximum buffer size offered by product)

6 Interface/Connector

A – ATA/66 with 40-pin IDE connector
B – ATA/100 with 40-pin IDE connector
C – ATA with 33-pin connector (zero insertion force—ZIF)
D – SATA 1.5 Gb/s with 22-pin SATA connector
E – ATA/133 with 40-pin IDE connector
F – SAS-3 with 29-pin connector
G – SAS-6 with 29-pin connector
S – SATA 3 Gb/s with 22-pin SATA connector
S – ATA 1.5 Gb/s with 22-pin SATA connector (Mobile)
T – SATA 3 Gb/s with 22-pin SATA connector (Mobile)

7 Retail Product Type & Location

DTL Distribution Kits
RTL Retail Kits — United States
RTL2 Retail Kits — Europe
RTL3 Retail Kits — Americas (Canada & Latin America)
RTLK Retail Kits — Korea
DTL Disty Kits

8 Family Codes

CA – Cable assembly
CB – Controller adapter card
CC – Carrying case
E – Elements
FP – Face plate
G – My Book® External Hard Drives
H – My Book External Hard Drives refresh
PC – Peripheral Component Interconnect
PS – Power supply
X – External

9 Product Codes

B – USB 2.0
C – USB 2.0 and FireWire® 400
CS – USB 2.0, FireWire 400, and eSATA
MV – USB 2.0 and card reader
N – USB 2.0 and 1000 BaseT
NC – USB 2.0 and 1000/100/10 Base-T
Q – USB 2.0, FireWire 800, and eSATA
SU – USB 2.0 and eSATA
T – USB 2.0 and FireWire 400/800
TP – USB 2.0 and FireWire 400/800
U – USB 2.0 ultra-low cost
UB – USB 2.0 Dixon (with backup)
A4NC – WD ShareSpace™Network Storage System
AVN – WD TV™HD Media Player (NTSC)
AVP – WD TV HD Media Player (PAL)
MS – WD Passport® Portable Drive (black)
MSA – WD Passport Portable Drive (white)
MSB – WD Passport Portable Drive (red)
MSC – WD Passport Portable Drive (green)
MSE – WD Passport Portable Drive (pink)
ME – My Passport™ Essential™(midnight black)
MEA – My Passport™ for Mac®
MEB – My Passport Essential (intense blue)
MER – My Passport Essential (real red)
MEPN – My Passport Essential (vibrant pink)
MEBR – My Passport Essential (raindrop blue)
MERC – My Passport Essential (cherry red)
MEY – My Passport Essential (super sunny yellow)
MEG – My Passport Essential (ultra mint/green)
MEW – My Passport Essential (arctic white)
MEP – My Passport Essential (deep viola/purple)
MENG – My Passport Essential (brilliant orange)
ME – My Passport™ Elite™(titanium)
MLZ – My Passport Elite (bronze)

10 Regional Bill of Materials (BOM)

A – Australia/New Zealand
C – China
D – India
E – Europe
H – Hong Kong/Malaysia/Singapore
J – Japan
K – Korea
L – Latin America (Argentina/Brazil/Chile)
M – Mexico
N – North America (United States)
P – Asia Pacific – APAC (Australia/New Zealand, Malaysia,
Singapore, Hong Kong, India)
Q – Canada
S – Multi-city Asia (Malaysia/Singapore/Hong Kong/India)
T – Taiwan/Thailand
U – United Kingdom (UK)