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Important Notice

login screen hdd serial commanderFirst things first! HDD Serial Commander is an universal utility to control and edit firmware on Seagate, Samsung and Toshiba hard disk drives via a serial terminal (diagnostic) port. We require users to open an account at this site to download HDD Serial Commander free of charge. To open an account your valid email address is required. Not just any email address!

HDD Serial Commander (dot) com does not allow temporary email addresses to be used when creating a new account on this site! These accounts will be canceled with or without prior notice.

We spent many hours working on this software. It is free to use. We are also confident HDD Serial Commander is an assent and beneficial tool for any tech in the field. The recommended price of $20 will help keep this project running. This way we can provide updates like future version 2.21. (Soon to publish) This way we share knowledge about serial diagnostic (terminal) commands.

We will not send HDD Serial Commander out there via email or any other way.

Thank you.