Seagate (F3) Error Code Translator and Analysis

Advanced Data Recovery Analytics proudly presents SECTA (Seagate Error Code Translator and Analysis), our new utility for Seagate F3 drives.

sectaYou know how frustrating it is dealing with Seagate F3 error codes? Going back and forth from terminal to your list of error codes or even searching online what those numbers mean. In the past six months or so we were collecting as much information we could possibly find about Seagate F3 error codes and now we are happy to announce that new app is out (or it will be starting from 11/17/2017).

SECTA is a simple app designed to help fellow data recovery engineers and technicians, copy an error code from terminal output and search the database. And voila, the answer should be there.

SgtF3 Error Code Translator and Analysis is available to download to all contributors, present (which we encourage to contribute once again) and future without limitation. We want to use this opportunity to thank you all for contributions you made in the previous year! It really helped us to keep this project running and make new discoveries which we will continue to share via HDD Serial Commander network.

The final stage, testing and verification is over so starting tomorrow your favorite hard drive terminal commander will have its new-younger brother available to download.

Please contribute here and have a great time working on Seagate drives. Thank you!

HDD Serial Commander Team